Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Book Trends I Love and Hate

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is
Top 10 Book Trends I'd Like to See More or Less Of

I'm Over...

1. Sloppy First Books I'm kind of tired of sloppy first books in trilogies or series. It just feels like lately I've been reading a lot where the writing was just a sorry mess with all kinds of unfinished business and the business that was finished was done half ass and quickly, so you don't even feel a real bond with the character or the story - and they want you to invest in the next one?? No, thank you...

2. Jerk Boyfriends Can we get rid of the guys who are soooo badass they end up looking like total jerks? I understand that tension can help build a relationship, but when he's treating her like crap it's hard to love him. It's like if I walk up to a stranger on the street, kick them in the stomach and turn around, look deeply in their eyes and say, "Oh my god... I'VE NEVER LOVED ANYONE LIKE YOU." ??????? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a good slap across the face and I'd probably deserve it.

3 Insanely Expensive E-books  I love my Kindle and I love the invention of ebooks. I'm a big time traveler and move internationally every few years and every few years my books get left behind. So the ebook is perfect for me. But some of the prices for ebooks are outrageous. Maybe I'm not getting a clear aspect of how it works, but it seems as if the publishers save money by doing ebooks since there isn't a need for tons of supplies...but the prices don't seem that much lower. I do want to support authors as much as possible though, so I'm torn. 

4 Human Girl, Supernatural Guy Others have mentioned this one and I totally agree. Can it ever be the reverse? I'd love to see that. 

5 Gloomy Doomy Love Interests I'm tired of dark, brooding love interests who never open up. I end up forming no real emotional attachment and then the love story ends up doing nothing for me. If the guy is serious business all the time how is that any fun? I always think about how I compared Buffy and Angel and Buffy and Spike. Angel was always serious business. A part of me really loved them together, but Spike seemed like so much more fun to be around.

Bring On

1 Fairy Books I love fairy books and I want more!

2 Princess Stories I love princesses. I also love happy endings.

3 Real Guys I think that is part of the reason why I enjoyed The Summoning and the books that followed so much. The love interest HAD ACNE. Of course there has to be physical attraction, but not everybody looks like a super sexy beast. Some guys are just cute. Or some become better looking or uglier as you get to know them. Another thing I loved about that book is in the first book there was no love interest. It was just her figuring her shit out. With friends! And friendship grew into love later in the trilogy.

4 Alternating POVs I actually like being in more than one persons head. Just keep it below 3 points of views and I'm good. 

5 More Historicals And time travel!


  1. I agree with so many of these!

  2. Glad to see someone else shares my opinions! :)

  3. Really - I've been wondering the same thing about e-books. Why do they cost the same as a paperback or a new release hardcover? Remember when Kindle promised no book over $9.99? I do.

  4. I think a lot of us are missing male characters in books. Where are they?

    Here's my Top Ten list for this week:
    Top Ten Trends You'd Like to See More Of
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  5. Yeah, what's up with expensive ebooks? I've seen some more expensive than what I could get a used paperback for. I thought the whole idea was to make it cheaper because they're saving paper. :( And yes, more time travel, please!

  6. Yes to jerk boyfriends! It's always great to have the new boyfriend defend the protagonists honour against the ex, but it's really overdone. I wish more main characters had the common sense to choose nice boys rather than sexist jerks.

  7. I agree with the kindle prices. I mostly read the free and reduced priced books and purchase a regular priced book occassionally. I've found if I'm patient the author or publisher will have a period where they reduce the price on the book. I follow two amazon/kindle book blogs that give alerts on specials and I also follow a blog called "books on the knob" that has listings of free or reduced prices on a daily basis. I've bought around 230 books in two years and as near as I can tell I average about a $1.50 per book. So I'm not complaining :D