Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Friday: Weekly Recap, Follow Me Friday #6 and TGIF

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It's Follow Me Friday over at Parajunkee! The question this week is:
Q. Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story? If so, which one?

When I told my husband this question he was like, "TOM AND JERRY, OF COURSE!" He missed the part that this is about books... And this is a very tough question! There have been a few heroines that I felt were stupid enough to deserve being owned by the bad guy, but I won't name any names! I usually root for the good guy! I'm not too vindictive! The only way I'll root for the bad guy is if I feel there is a possibility or want for redemption.

TGIF at GReads! 

This Friday's Question:

Which books would you love to see made in to a tv series? or movie? 

I totally used the wrong question for the week. Sorry if anybody saw that. Oops! 

Well, this is much easier to answer! Vampire Academy. Please. That should be a series. And the Hush, Hush series should be made into a film. And Wolves of Mercy Falls should be a film as well. And Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready should also! I could go on forever, I think. I like being able to have a visual version usually... though there's always a chance they'll mess it up.

My cast picks are actually just how I imagined the characters and they aren't very realistic. Considering a lot of them are Russian... D: But it was how I pictured the characters in the books. 

Wolves of Mercy Falls: Grace, Sam, Isabel 
Vampire Academy: Dimitri
Hush, Hush: Nora

P.s. I think I pictured Dimitri is Anton Makarskiy because I was watching a television show with him at the time I was reading the book. The video that I linked is one I uploaded with subtitles onto YT... Anton Makarskiy is a singer/actor. Somehow he is stuck in my head as Dima. Even though he's in his 30s and that's a little bit of an excessive age gap. -.- 


  1. Technically..."story" could apply to a movie.
    (Says the girl who picked "Mastermind"...LOL)
    Happy FF!

  2. LOL! I think you two are funny. But if Jerry won once that would make the show a whole new story. Just think if the Roadrunner was caught! Whew! We would of had to gone to some kind of shrink when we were little. Ha Ha!

    I say yes but I'm lacking on who. Maybe someone needs to write this book!

    Black Disaster Fairy

    A World of Personality

  3. Lol. tell him not to feel bad. My mind went to The joker from batman. I would have liked to see him in all his glory, but as for books I don't think I can pick one.

    Oh, I totally agree with VA as a series or movie, or anything that could be visualized.

  4. You're IS a tough question. I couldn't think of a villain.

    Happy Friday!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  5. I picked Vampire Academy as well! I would love to see it visually but I don't know if any actor could meet my expectations of Dimitri. [:

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate
    my TGIF

  6. @BJ True, true! :D Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    @Black Disaster True! We'd most likely be traumatized from childhood! A world where the bad guy wins! No way! :O Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful Friday!

    @Ashley Oooh! Yeah! Joker is pretty BA! :D VA would make an awesome movie series or television series. Or mini-series! Thanks for commenting! Have a great Friday! <3

    @Amber Yes, it's a little too difficult of a question! Happy Friday! :)

  7. @Let's Evaluate Yes, Dimitri is a hard guy to pick! I always have a difficult time picturing characters in books though. A lot of times I want the descriptions up front and then I'll set the book down and come up with my dream cast in my head! :D Thanks for commenting! Have a great Friday!

  8. Lol, well now I'm curious about who these heroines are. ;) Haha, I agree some are just way too stupid. I actually couldn't think of anyone I can call villain that I've rooted for in books, only movies. I have lots I love reading about (Voldemort, Valentine...), but not rooting for.

    Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by! :)

    Kindle Fever

  9. I couldn't come up with a villain for this week's FF. However, I did choose a couple books I would like to see made into movies. Happy Friday. Oh, and I'm a new follower!

  10. NEW follower hopping through. Good answer. And who cares that T&J is not abt books ;-)
    I picked an antihero. Awesome book worth checking out. My FF: Book that Thing!
    Happy Friday!

  11. I wasn't a big fan of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, but I do think it could work as a movie! New follower here. Have a great weekend!

    My FF

  12. For me is not so much as me being against the hero, but more like I can't say no to the sexy bad boy! :D

    I also would love for Vampire Academy to be made into a series! And Shade into a movie.

    Amy's Friday Memes

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  13. Ha! I love hubs answer!!! I can't think of a villain I wanted to win at the end... I'll have to think on that one dude!!!

  14. I can't think of a villain I really wanted to win! The villain's plans are generally so evil you can't go along with them!

    My Follow Friday!

  15. Tom and Jerry is a great answer! LOL!

  16. Totally agree with Vampire Academy! Haven't read the others but I've heard good things about Hush, Hush :D

  17. I really like your casting pick for Isabel. The gleam in her eye seems just right.

    I always think that Vampire Academy would be difficult to film, because of how many times the story depends on Rose being inside Lissa's mind and I don't know how they could show that on screen. But I'd definitely be interested in seeing them try.