Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1) by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1) by Michelle Hodkin
Published: September 27th 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Page Count: Hardback, 452
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
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Mara Dyer doesn't think life can get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.It can.She believes there must be more to the accident she can't remember that killed her friends and left her mysteriously unharmed.There is.She doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love.She's wrong. - Good Reads
My feelings for this book are very confused! But look at that cover. It's actually my favourite cover of the year. Beeeeautiful! But to start this review I'm going to be honest and throw the bad out in the open.

The ending. After 452 pages there was no real conclusion...basically nothing substantial about Mara was discovered. Other than something that was blatantly obvious throughout the book, but no hows, whys or whats. It was disappointing. I'm sure all with be revealed in the next book, but I really felt a little more should have been covered in this one. All series books have cliffhangers, but this wasn't even really used as the cliffhanger - something else that was interesting and completely unexpected was, but that's beside the point. I would have liked a little more clarity. 

Now despite that big issue, I did enjoy the book. I absolutely loved the quick witted and often humorous banter between Mara and Noah. This book was full of really funny quotes:
“What could I say? Noah, despite you being an asshole, or maybe because of it, I'd like to rip off your clothes and have your babies.” 
“You're distracting,' I said truthfully. 'I won't be. I promise,' Noah said. 'I'll get some crayons and draw quitely. Alone. In a corner.” 
And there were tons more, but I don't want to spam this review with quotes I loved from this book, because that would probably get a little too excessive. Noah wasn't exactly a stud for me at "first sight", but he definitely grew on me. Some girls may call him a little inappropriate at times, but I'm horribly inappropriate myself about 98% of the time, so that doesn't bother me much. I thought he was funny! And I love funny!

Mara Dyer goes through some genuinely frightening situations. There were times where I felt thoroughly creeped out and was a little nervous to be alone reading by the light of my little lone lamp. Hodkin's is definitely a wonderful writer and good at setting a mood. 

Overall, I liked this, but the fact that basically nothing was solved AT ALL throughout the book is going to have to downgrade my rating. I almost wanted to give it a 3, but ended up going with 4. The other parts of the story made up for it.

                                       4 out of 5 Hello Kitties 


  1. I need to start reading this one soon! I really want to read it, because Michelle Hodkin is really one of the best people I've met, so if I don't like it I'll probably cry... like big fat tears. So I'm glad you liked it :) I can't wait!

  2. So, is this part of a series? If so, it sounds like one I should wait and read when it's finished...

    Love the dialogue you quoted, though - I adore witty banter.

  3. Lol!! I love those quotes. Ugh, now I wanna read it even more badly. LOL and I'm already fighting myself through two I couldn't choose between. ;) Great review!

  4. @Anna She is amazing! I did like it and I loved her writing, but it was the fact that there wasn't enough clarity that got to me! It makes me mad because I want the next book LIKE RIGHT NOW! AAARGH!

    @BJ Yes, I think it's going to be a trilogy, in fact! Yeah... I kind almost wish I did. Except for the fact that I wanted to read it with everyone else! I hate being the only one who hasn't read something! I like to put in my two cents! :)

    @Rebecca Oh, I know! I've got so many good books these past few weeks I'm so confused about what to read next! Aaahhh! :)

    Thank you all for commenting! <3

  5. What a great review! I hate when booksfromt answer any questions, makes me want to throw my book at the wall. I'm inappropriate slot, too, so that wouldn't bother me. Love the great quotes. I'm usually sold on Giving a book a try based on them. Once again, nice job!

  6. I am in love with the cover, it is art on its own. The book sounds good, her writing is very promising and talented, I just wish it had a solid ending. I am a bit weird with inconclusive endings.

  7. @Andrea Thank you! Yeah, me too! :) This book had tons of great quotes!

    @evermore1girl It is, isn't it? It really is, but yeah, that is what let me down a little. I was really hoping to learn more about Mara in this book, not everything perhaps, but at least more information than was given. :/

    Thank you two for commenting! <3

  8. Oooh I didn't know this was a series! This is the first less than FIVE star (kitty) review I've read about this one! I need to read it ASAP!

  9. The ending would drive me nuts, but since I love the banter from the quotes, I'll have to try it out.

  10. I loved the suspense and the end, although it left me hanging, didn't bother me. I am not sure why except I know I am looking forward to the next book. Feel free to at your review to the linky at the end of my Mara Dyer review. Gives my readers a chance to read other blogs reviews for books that they are interested in and an opportunity to find some cool blogs.