Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meme: Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday is an original feature/regular meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish!

 Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

I can't wait to see everyone's posts this week! Hopefully I'll learn something new!

1. The Library: Libraries are amazing. I especially love that there are online catalogs. I can log on, download e-books, audio books or I can open up my GoodReads to-read list and search for books I'd like to read and request them! I love going in and having all my books waiting for me. I love libraries, but I don't like imposing on anyone trying to find some peace and quiet in the library with my spawns of uncontrollable noise (my children).

2. BlogLovin'. I recently came back to blogging after a long break and discovered BlogLovin'. I really love the layout of it and I've been subscribing like a madwoman! It's so much better than my Blogger feed! Leave me a link to your blog on BlogLovin' and I'll follow! 

3. RaffleCopter: Makes giveaways incredibly easy peasy. Heck yeah!

4. Kindle: I have moved. A lot. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. In the past year I've lived in Russia for a while, Colorado, Kansas and then we finally drove our car to Virginia and settled here last month and it's not out of the cards that we might leave the country again in the next year. My Kindle really keeps me happy because my books stay with me and not left behind because they are too bulky or heavy to drag along. I did have a dark moment last year with my Kindle though. It died completely on me in Moscow at my cousins right before a flight to New York. It was very, very sad. I wouldn't be lying if I said I might have shed a tear or two.

5. GoodReads: As I mentioned in #1, Goodreads. I'm 100% sure anyone reading this post is aware of GR since it's such a valuable website for those of us who love to read. It's great for keeping track of what you have read and what you would like to read. Before I read a book I always go to GoodReads and check the rating. Most of the time I scroll down and see what some of the people on my friends list had to say before/during or after I've read. I love exchanging opinions with others on what I've read and that is why I began book blogging. 

6. Twitter: If you do not have a twitter account, wait no longer. Go sign up! It's so, so important if you want to keep up with other bloggers, authors, publishing companies, etc. People tweet book news, news relevant to the books, giveaways, reviews, etc. Tons of great material to be had there, as well as a chance to spread the word of your blog! I have had some really fun conversations on twitter!

7. Amazon.com and The Book Depository: Amazon.com is where I go for all my e-books, of course. I also sometimes buy used books there as well. For instance, my IRL bestie needs to read Vampire Academy or else we decided last night on the phone, so I hopped over to Amazon while we were talking and ordered it for her for $4. Total. With shipping! The Book Depository ships to many, many countries for free. And sometimes the deals there are really good. I love using them for giveaways, because it opens up the giveaways to international readers because the shipping is free and therefor affordable!

8. Calendar: I'm no longer planning on really bogging myself down with ARCS, because that is a part of what burnt me out and caused me to take a break. Now I only request on NetGalley if I really want to read something and not because I feel I have to to keep up or be successful or what have you. But for those requests, a calendar can be a very useful tool in reminding you when you post a review. Especially helpful if you use Blogger, because my schedule post "helper" has been acting like a dick lately and I have to double check it posts because it's so unreliable. 

9. Nap Time: I'm running out of helpful suggestions, so I'll definitely say that for those of us who have children, nap time is a very beneficial time to get in some blogging and reading!

10. Coffee: The energy it gives is undeniable! And one of my favourite things to do upon waking is to get a cup and sit at my laptop to see what's new with all the blogs I love to read! 

Link me your Top Ten Tuesdays! I want to see! 


  1. Great list! Coffee and naptimes are essential!!

    Here is my TTT: http://champagneandbooks.blogspot.ca/2013/08/top-ten-tuesdays-things-that-make-your.html

  2. Ha! I love your list. I have to completely agree with Kindle, Amazon, & GoodReads. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that you said coffee and nap time. Too true.
    I also totally agree about the convenience of a Kindle.
    Bloglovin' is my favorite feed reader, there seems to be an even split between those who prefer it and those who favor Feedly. Followed :)

    My Top Ten List

  4. Moving with a ton of books is rough when going to a different state, but a different country....wow! But I still am clinging to my physical books! (I'm an old-fashioned girl)

    1. It is! I have my books spread out among three countries! It really sucks! :/ There is nothing like a physical book, I agree. That's why I'm constantly going to the library! :) Thank you for replying!