Sunday, September 1, 2013

Movie Thoughts: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I'll admit, I haven't read the book series. Please don't hate me! I have picked up City of Bones on numerous occasions, but never could get past the first two chapters. I always put it right back down to start something else. I think partially because I find it difficult to get into third person narrative. I’m so used to first person, that third person often ends up feeling too formal and impersonal. I am happy to report though, that as soon as I got out of the cinema after seeing it the first time, I came straight out and walked down the street to Barnes & Nobles to buy the book...then I saw the price, walked back out, and went home to buy it on Amazon! 

Overall, this movie was spectacular! I really, really, really don't get why critics are giving it such a hard time. I hate to contrast and compare, but honestly, this totally isn't even comparable to the film that it seems everyone wants to compare it to. I won't say the name, but I think we all know what I'm talking about. My husband, who went with me today to see it (my second time, his first), agreed. One of the first questions he asked when we got outside was, "Why do they compare it to _____????" I'm in agreement here. No clue over here whatsoever. And my husband really liked it. Yeah, I pretty much have good taste in men. He found the storyline much like Diablo, which is one of his favourite games.

The visual effects were amazing. A few scenes in particular gave me a start because it was so realistic! The action scenes were also very brilliantly done. In most action films, fight scenes often feel very fake, but City of Bones seemed to handle fighting scenes very well. There was a moment when Clary was thrown across the room into something and it looked to me as if she really was and it wasn't just an act and I was on the verge of feeling sympathy pains! 

There were only a few things I could nitpick: Clary sets the kitchen on fire. Um, that was just a little too unrealistic in that sort of situation, in my opinion, but I'll overlook it. The garden scene on my first viewing seemed cheesy, but the second time around, it didn't seem as bad and the kiss scene was lovely! 

If you're on the fence about seeing this, give it a try! I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I can look at it a little differently because of the order I've experienced it, but I still really think this is the best film I've seen in a while that has a fantasy/paranormal/youknowwhatImean setting.

If you've seen City of Bones, what did you think? I'd love to hear about it! 

P.S. How did I not know Lily Collins is Phil Collins daughter?! Whoa! I was answering a question for my husband, googled her and read that. I was having a conversation just a little while ago with my Mother about Phil Collins and Genesis, so that was coincidental! 


  1. I haven't heard it compared to any movies, so not sure which one you're talking about. But I thought they did a great job with bringing this book to life. I've only read it once or twice, but thought it was a great movie!

    1. I've heard it compared to Twilight, Harry Potter and even Lord of the Rings! I don't see it really resembling any of those movies... it seems very unique to me. :)

      I agree! From what I have read of the book so far, I have seen some differences, but I think it's been portrayed very well so far! :)

      Thank you for commenting! :)


    I'm going to watch TMI with my friends next week and I've been going through negative review after negative review... It got me so worried!! I hate it when Hollywood tears apart a book and stage it the way they do it for every other movie. NO. EACH MOVIE. IS. DIFFERENT. I had very low expectations for this, and it saddens me to read all the bashing this movie received because I really loved this book and gaah I don't want to torn apart.

    Now I'm having renewed faith in the movie! Hope you'll enjoy the book, the middle was my favourite and I'd have loved it to pieces if not for ZEE ENDING. IENKDSUJWND!!! HAHA IN ANY CASE, THANK YOU FOR THE MOVIE REVIEW!!

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  3. I thought this was pretty good, too! And a better adaptation than a lot of other recent ones. I'm not sure why the critics were so grumpy either--before I went, I thought maybe it was because they'd find the story hard to follow, since most of them (like you) hadn't read the books before. But my husband hasn't either and he understood it perfectly--and enjoyed it, too.

    I'm glad you liked it!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. I didn't like the first book in the series all that much--actually, I rated it two stars on Goodreads--but once I got through it the rest of the series was SO much better, and definitely worth it.

    I didn't love the movie adaptation. I didn't like the cast, and the music/romance was just too cheesy. But it was pretty much what I expected, and I did enjoy it (partially). :)

    Awesome review!