Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Liza!

(No, she's not harassing me. Lol. It's very sweet - she's supporting me.)

Twenty six years ago (well, over twenty six years. Birthday was in January) I was born into a crazy, messed up life. It was about as close as a soap opera as you'll get in real life. I think the forces-that-be knew it and gave me my sister. Technically speaking, as I am younger, I was given to her. I've never really thought of it that way. She's always been a special gift. We've gone through about as much as sisters can go through. We were separated for some (language warning) dumb as fuck reasons for years growing up. When she was allowed to come back into my life was always stopped by the barrier of distance, crazy grown ups, and the fear that we'd be separated again. But, every conversation and every visit was worth it. She is without a doubt - my person. She always was and always has been.

We still don't live in the same state, lol. And right now we don't even live in the same continent! She has lived a beautiful, crazy international life. Given birth (in freaking SIBERIA) to two clever and lovely children. Married this Russian guy she met on the internet who keeps hanging around strumming on his guitar and knocking her up (lolol, I love him. As far as brother-in-laws go - he's the best). And me? I'm constantly aspiring to be a grown up. I'm entirely unsure if I'll actually get there...but you never know, miracles happen!

Through out it all - the good and the bad, the sad and the happy - Liza has been there as much as she could. Most sisters wouldn't have survived what we went through growing up. But, we were blessed with this...this thing. It feels like a cord - like gravity pulling towards the earth core. She's always encouraging, always smart, always there. She listens to all of me without judgement or expectations or drama. She doles out encouragement and pep talks like no other and makes me feel sane and understood when I share my crazy. Sometimes I think our brains are like synced on some brain wave level thing that scientists have yet to discover. She's full of the rare, precious kind of love : unconditional.

Happy Birthday, Liza. You're my person. And without you - my life is just too messed up. You have it all, all the love. You are stuck with me forever. FOREVER. *insert manic evil genius laugh here*. I love you. :)



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